Instructions for Use

Welcome to Luggage Link™ – a new and healthy way to pull your luggage – hands-free!

  • The Luggage Link is one-size-fits-all – for most adults.
  • First time users – adjust the Luggage Link ™ at home and take a few minutes to walk around to get comfortable

First Time Users: adjust Luggage Link™ to your size at home, attach to luggage handle – walk around hands-free to experience the feel

The Luggage Link™ is maximum size first time out of the package. Adjust strap to your size, then get comfortable with this new style of towing by walking around your living room.

  1. Adjust the strap to your size

    • The right size is when the quick release buckle level with the palm of your hand when your arm is relaxed at your side. See Fig. 1.1.
    • Pull the slider to shorten the main strap to the desired size. See Fig. 1.2.
  2. Connect the Luggage Link™ to your luggage handle

    • Extend telescoping handle of luggage to full length.
    • Pinch sides of quick release buckle on the smaller loop to open the buckle. Loop the smaller strap around telescoping handle of luggage
      • where you grip with your hand
    • Do not attach to the luggage itself but to the pull handle.
  3. Start walking hands free with the Luggage Link™!

    • After you attach the Luggage Link to luggage pull handle, place luggage behind you. Put on strap across your torso like a sash – you can wear it on either left or right shoulder.
    • Tip luggage handle forward, start walking and release your hand from the luggage to be hands-free.
    • Move the strap as needed on your torso so that the is luggage comfortably behind you for walking.
    • For first time use, walk around the room for a few minutes to get the feel.


Use caution when wearing or using the Luggage Link. Always be aware that while using the Luggage Link you are pulling / trailing something behind you and that it may become caught or stuck on something or someone. Do not use in any hazardous situations such as but not exclusive to:

  • going through doors
  • going through turn style doors
  • in and out of elevators
  • in congested areas where someone may become entangled in the object you are towing
  • or any other situation where you can not pull the object without it being obstructed in any way.

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